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Our informative eBooks are filled with great take home advice in an easy to digest format.
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Talent ROI: Essential HR Metrics (and how you can improve them!)

In this guide, you’ll learn:
• the what, why and how of tracking HR metrics;
• which metrics to track; and
• how your recruiter can help you leverage the data you collect.

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Big Ideas for Beating the Retention Crisis

Big Ideas for Beating the Retention Crisis: Keep your top performers. And stay competitive.

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Mastering Leadership Fundamentals: How to Get the Right Stuff

Leadership advice is everywhere, but the latest trends in executive management are useless unless you have solid fundamental skills. In this guide, learn how to master four essential -- yet frequently overlooked -- building blocks for successful leadership.

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Creating a Skunk Works Program: Keys to Bold Innovation

A skunk works effort is about boldly challenging the status quo. Flipping power dynamics. And disrupting your industry. Here's how world-class organizations are creating serious competitive advantages with skunk works -- and how you can do the same.

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The Big Idea: Develop Strategic Thinkers -- and Catapult Your Business

Drive profits, innovation, performance, retention and more -- by getting your entire staff to think more strategically. Here's how.

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