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Leadership tips to help you manage your greatest resource--your team.
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Is the Pursuit of Perfection Helping or Harming Your Business?

Jim Collins wrote that “good is the enemy of great” to indicate that settling for “good enough” often resulted in teams that stopped striving for great results.

But what if great is also the enemy of the good?

While many business programs strive for perfection, a singular focus on reaching it can often cause more harm than good to your company. Here’s why.

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7 Signs a Teammate is Ready to Lead (and 5 They're Not)

“When is someone ready to lead?” 

It’s a simple, straightforward question leaders ask about their teammates and teammates ask about themselves. Although there isn’t a simple checklist that determines one’s capacity for influencing others or readiness for direct reports, there are seven characteristics I always look for in my leaders.

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Workplace Optimism: 3 Ways to Nurture It

Optimism in the workplace increases productivity, customer satisfaction and profits. What can you do to cultivate an environment that inspires employees and gives them hope that good things will come from their work? Here are three steps to creating a more optimistic culture.

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Rubber Balls Make Great Leaders

Well, maybe they don't -- but they do have one essential characteristic in common. Find out what it is, and how it can make you a remarkable manager (and a happier one, to boot!).

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Workplace conflict can be constructive--if you know how to channel it correctly.

Conflict, well-managed, can be good for your team and your company. The question is: How do you encourage and manage it constructively? This article will tell you how.

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