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October 2017


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OMG. She Didn't Wear That to Her Interview -- Did She?!

OMG. She Didn't Wear That to Her Interview -- Did She?!

Details, details. They matter on the job -- and when you're interviewing for one, too! Avoid these outfit mistakes and appearance oversights so you're polished, confident and ready to nail your job interview.


Don't Be a Doormat

You may not like everyone you work with, but you shouldn't let them hold you back on the job. Productivity Pro Laura Stack shares six ways to succeed, even when you work with a curmudgeon, back-stabber or troublemaker.

Holiday Spending Remorse? Nope -- Not This Year!

Holiday Spending Remorse? Nope -- Not This Year!

You may not have carved a pumpkin or a turkey yet, but listen up. Americans spend 9x more money retail shopping during the Christmas season than any other season of the year. The best way to avoid financial stress and regret in January? Create a plan NOW!


Proper Housekeeping Isn't Just for Your Home

Do your part on the job. Follow these simple tips to keep your work environment clean, clutter-free and safe:

  1. Maintain a clean workspace. Never leave trash, garbage or debris haphazardly around your work area. If these items must accumulate because of the work you do, dispose of all trash and hazards in the employer's designated disposal area.
  2. Ensure that any cords or trip hazards are not left in aisles or walkways or where individuals may injure themselves.
  3. Keep storage areas clean and organized.
Reminder: Contact your staffing supervisor anytime your job responsibilities or work environment/conditions change.
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