Top 10 Job Hunting Blunders
What NOT To Do At a Job Interview

Most of us are on our best behavior at job interviews. Most of us. Want proof that some people look at the process a little differently?

Here are some true horror stories shared by employers, hiring managers and HR managers as part of a nationwide survey recently conducted by Harris Interactive for CareerBuilder.

Believe It or Not

You'd think avoiding these mistakes would be no-brainers, but survey respondents said the following are actually the most common interview misbehaviors:

  • Answering cell phone or texting: 77 percent

  • Appearing disinterested: 75 percent

  • Dressing inappropriately: 72 percent

  • Appearing arrogant: 72 percent

  • Talking negatively about current or previous employers: 67 percent

  • Chewing gum: 63 percent

And You Thought Texting Was Bad?

Here are some highlights of the respondents' most memorable or unusual interview experiences:

  • Candidate brought a "How to Interview" book with him to the interview.

  • Candidate asked, "What company is this, again?"

  • Candidate asked for a sip of the interviewer's coffee.

  • Candidate took off his shoes during the interview.

  • Candidate talked about promptness as one of her strengths after showing up ten minutes late.

  • Candidate wore a Boy Scout uniform and never told interviewers why.

  • Candidate was arrested by federal authorities during the interview when the background check revealed the person had an outstanding warrant.

  • On the way to the interview, the candidate passed, cut off, and flipped his middle finger at the driver--who happened to be the interviewer.

  • Candidate referred to himself in the third person.

  • Candidate told the interviewer she wasn't sure if the job offered was worth "starting the car for."

  • When a candidate interviewing for a security position wasn't hired on the spot, he painted graffiti on the building.

Trust us--we won't let you show up on next year's list. We'll help you do your homework, stay professional and blow away the interviewer--for the right reasons!

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